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Mr. Praful Umaretiya is the Director of the Vedic Maths Forum Australia. He holds a Doctorate degree in Plant Breeding and Genetics from Gujarat Agricultural University, India. He joined Vedic Maths team in 2013 and is in charge of marketing and extension services in Australia.

He is passionate in helping students to learn maths who struggled, and seeing the excitement in a student's eyes when they finally succeed. He feels that Maths is one of those subjects that students often struggle with, simply because they have not been taught by a good teacher or in the right way. He wants to engage students in a Vedic Maths as it is creative and innovative way to teach mathematical skills as it will be used in every field throughout life - critical thinking, problem-solving and a methodological approach. His aim is to equip students with these valuable tools and inspire them to tackle challenges and figure things out for themselves. These visions are what led him to the Vedic Maths Forum.

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