We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Education
Resources Africa and will be one of the local distributors of MATHOMAT®
– a drawing tool for Geometry and Trigonometry. MATHOMAT® contains
all the features of a traditional maths set (ruler, protractor, compass and
set squares) together with a number of important shapes in a single instrument
It makes learning fun and inspires students to be explore and be creative.
In primary schools, MATHOMAT® is used to explore tessellations,
shapes (classification, patterns, rotation and symmetry), to create artistic
designs and to teach students about maps, bearings and distances.

At high schools, it can be used
to classify and draw shapes and angles, sketch sine/cosine and parabolic
curves, create nests for polyhedra, investigation of tessellations, to teach
directed numbers and for representing percentages and displaying statistical information.


MATHOMAT® – a single drawing tool that is durable, easy to store, easy to use and
enhances the neatness of the students work – should be a part of every Maths
class, at home and in schools. . Contact Vedic Maths Forum South Africa for pricing
and orders (South Africa only). 
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Gaurav Tekriwal is the founder President of the Vedic Maths Forum India. Through television programs, workshops, DVDs, and Books he has taken the Vedic Maths System to over 4 million students in India, South Africa, United States, Australia, UAE, Ghana, and Colombia.