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And that’s why when our Founder President started his career fifteen years ago in 2000 teaching vedic mathematics which was virtually unknown - it raised eye brows. People laughed him off saying he would never be successful as Vedic Mathematics was virtually unknown and off the beaten track. Gaurav never wanted to go the traditional way. He always wanted to make a positive difference in society. He questioned that ‘Why can’t maths be fun? Why does it have to be dull and boring? Gaurav was passionate about Maths and it was with this passion that he started the Vedic Maths Forum India!

HE TOOK THE ONE LESS TRAVELED BY, AND THAT HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. So far over 4 million students have been trained in ten countries over the last fifteen years by him. And he is only getting started! After mastering the concept and technology to take Vedic Mathematics to every individual on this planet he brings to you an innovative value proposition which is already seeing the light of the day in United States, Australia and South Africa among other countries. Now you too have the chance to help make a positive difference in your country or city by partnering with The Vedic Maths Forum India.

The Rationale For Online Education - A $ 107 Billion Market

Countless reports, surveys, and studies have shown that eLearning industry isn't showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, an increasing number of individuals, corporations, and institutions are turning to eLearning as they recognize its effectiveness and its convenience. Here are some important eLearning statistics and facts , some of which may even surprise you!

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The Scope of Vedic Maths

Currently the world is going through a crisis in Mathematics Education. Numeracy levels of various countries have gone down and there are not many solutions in sight. We were going through the recent ASER 2014 Report released by the NGO Pratham and was aghast looking at the state of Maths Education in the country. According to the report in 2014 only 26.3% of std III children could do a two digit subtraction. Only 26.1% of children in Std V could do division. And in 2014 only 44.1% in std VIII could do a three digit by one digit division problem.

It is a global maths crisis we are witnessing today. Our children aren’t getting any better with maths and clearly the methods which we have in maths have failed. They hate maths so much so that failing in it has become a fashion statement – something to be proud about. In this backdrop of a global maths crisis, any solution which makes math simple and easy definitely calls the attention of students and teachers alike. Everybody wants a solution to make maths fun. This is where many solutions fit in like the Abacus, Kumon and Vedic Mathematics. Vedic Maths is one such solution to the students for making Maths simple and easy. They get better at school, understand concepts and even apply the vedic maths rules to competitive examinations like the SAT, Common Admission Test (CAT) or GMAT.

Here is the Business Model

An entrepreneur always looks at the next big wave to come so that he can ride it and reap ample profits. Online education is the next big wave. Gaurav pioneered fusing online education with Vedic Maths to produce a franchise model unparalleled.

Business Model

Comparison between a traditional franchise and a Vedic Maths Forum franchise

Traditional franchise Vedic maths forum franchise
Spends on Rent, Infrastructure and Advertising to grow and scale up. You don't need to spend on rent and infrastructure to scale up as the business is online.
Have to recruit able teachers and business stops if teacher leaves. All teachers are managed by VMFI in India at a central location.
Have to spend on Teacher training and worry about maintaining high teaching standards. With VMFI you just focus on the business and training quality is maintained by VMFI at a central location
With traditional franchise you focus on keeping the business afloat by managing several areas. You focus on the business and increasing the numbers.
Low Profit Margins High Profit Margin
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As a Vedic Maths country partner you get the following benefits

Academics Marketing Launch
Curriculum Brochure Tickets for 2 trainers
Workbook Flier Visa
DVDs Poster Hotel stay for 5 days
Online Teacher Training up to two Teachers Online Marketing Support Press Release and Launch Campaign
Certificate Website & Blog Introductory Workshop at School
Academic support for 2 years Social Media Marketing

Words from franchise owners

I am glad that I chose to partner with Vedic Maths Forum India. Neshni Naidoo
Vedic Maths South Africa
The team is not only friendly, but also very open to help in each and every step of the way. Praful Umaretiya,
Vedic Maths, Australia

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