What is it about?

The Vedic Maths Forum India has recently launched a series of after school enrichment programs called the Maths Club. In this club students explore topics not covered in school. They build a robust foundation in Maths and develop team cooperation, leadership and problem solving skills. Concepts like Vedic Maths, Trachtenberg's Speed arithmetic System, Rubik's cube solving skills, Solving of puzzles like Kakuro, Sudoku and Krypto, etc form the core of this club.

Students have fun in the club and as a result get better grades in school assessments. Students of grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 can participate in this club which is regularly held in association with the school at the school campus itself.

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Outline of Math Club Essentials

Why should one come to the Maths Club?

  • Explore topics not covered in school
  • Build a robust foundation in Maths
  • Develop team cooperation, leadership and problem-solving skills

Who can participate?

  • Grades 4,5,6,7 and 8
  • Teachers and older students

When do club activities occur?

  • Weekly once or twice for an hour

What are the requirements for the Maths Club?

  • Projector
  • Microphone with Speakers


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Vedic Mathematics

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Trachtenberg's Speed Arithmetic

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Maths with 3D shapes and more

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Rubik's Cube Solving Skills

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Krypto, Sudoku, Kakuro etc

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Maths Movie Day


  • All teachers, resource persons and curriculum of the maths club to be provided by the Vedic Maths Forum.
  • All Maths Club materials such as Maths Games, Workbooks and Worksheets to be provided by the Vedic Maths Forum India.
  • School to provide logistical and infrastructure support.

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