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What You Should Know about Vedic Maths

Benefits of Vedic Maths

  • 10 -15 times faster then conventional Maths.
  • A complete system comprising all the benefits of Mental Maths.
  • Develops Left & Right Sides of the brain.
  • Foolproof Checking tool-reduces scratch work & mistakes.
  • Culivates an interest for number and eliminates the fear of it.
  • Easy to master and apply.
  • Better Developed and long lasting application than the Chinese Abacus.
  • Complements the indian school Curriculum.

Advantages of Metal Maths

  • Sharpens the mind, increases mental agility and intelligence.
  • Enhances precision of thought and careful thinking.
  • Improves the memory and boosts self-confidence.
  • Immensely helpful in proactive and systematic thinking.
  • Helps in maintaining speed and accuracy
  • Mental Maths leads to Innovation and develops creativity

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