Introductory Online Vedic Maths Course for Parents




Parents – almost always like to be actively involved with their child’s education. Parents are a child’s first teacher and we understand that it can be overwhelming for them to start teaching kids some mathematical concepts. Over the last few years, a lot of parents have approached us and asked us if they can learn some Vedic Maths concepts and start teaching their kids in a fun way!

So we put together this 12 Hour online course only for parents where we guide parents on how to teach their kids with Vedic Mathematics. We teach them the importance of storytelling and games while teaching abstract math concepts at the same time. We cover Addition, Subtraction, Multiplications, Divisions, Fractions and Decimals in a fun of way.

Course Duration and Schedule:  Each Class to be of 1 hour duration and you would have to complete the 12 Hours in two months’ time duration.