Master Class in Vedic Maths for Students




Master Class with Gaurav Tekriwal

Master class with Gaurav Tekriwal is a series of exclusive online classes given to train students and teachers one on one on Vedic Mathematics. The Masterclass is taught by Gaurav Tekriwal based on his experience of over fifteen years in teaching Vedic Maths- globally. The course is taught in a very simple manner with easy explanations and a style of teaching unique to Mr. Tekriwal which assures you of success and achievement in your academics.

The Masterclass is held for an hour daily where you can interact with Gaurav and learn more in depth about this beautiful system. Also apart from the math which will be taught, you will also learn about your math strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that you know which topics to concentrate on and which topic to leave in an exam scenario. You will be given study skills and will be inspired by Gaurav’s infectious positive mental attitude only to your benefit.

Gaurav will personally take responsibility of your child for his performance in Mathematics and for those enrolled in the Teacher’s program he will teach you on how to be more effective as a teacher in a math class. Upon completion, participants will walk away with a love for Math and a sense of faith that Math too can be fun!

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning”

For Students

Nothing can belittle the importance of a good teacher in society. Meet Gaurav Tekriwal who presents himself to take classes on Vedic Math for your child exclusively one on one. Your child will stand to benefit from the vast experience and the insights into Vedic Math brought on the table by him. Your child will be given a study plan and skill sets needed to excel in Mathematics. Gaurav will be sharing strategies to succeed in math examinations and moreover will ensure that your child sheds his maths phobia and cultivates a love for mathematics.

Enroll now for this 30-hour exclusive Masterclass on Vedic Mathematics by Gaurav Tekriwal for your child.

Eligibility: Students from Grade III onwards upto 18 years at the time of enrollment.

Class Schedule: You would have to complete the 30 hours in less than two months.