Online Certified Course in Vedic Maths for Students in School from Grades 3 to 12



The Online Certified course in Vedic Mathematics for Students is our best seller courses as it caters to a wide section of students. Students’ love this course as this course is the one with real ‘magic’ they say. It has so much magic that it can transform the perspective of a struggling student for the better so that he achieves better grades and results in his academics. After going through this course you will go through a shift in the way you see and do Math. Calculations will be faster, errors will be less and you can even check your answers using the Vedic Maths System.

This course brings to you the secrets of the seers which are relevant to this day. You will be trained for 30 hours online in complete Vedic mathematics. Over 60 topics from Vedic Maths will taught to you in these 30 hours spread over one to two months.

This online course is highly recommended for teenagers who struggle with Maths day in day out. This course is also for those students who would like to sit for a competitive examination after school such as IITJEE, Banking, SAT, CAT and GMAT etc. Overall anybody who wants to excel at math – this course should be your Mantra!

After enrollment into this course you will be assigned an expert faculty who will take you through the complete course in thirty hours over a period of a month or two based on your schedule. Your classes will be one on one with the faculty in our virtual classroom and you would be using Skype. There is no need for a webcam since there won’t be any video streaming but a headset is a must to exchange audio.

Each class topics will be customized according to the grade of the student.

Eligibility: Students from Grade 3 onwards.

Class Schedule: You would have to complete the 30 hours in less than two months.