Vedic Math Luminaries

Tirthaji Maharaja

1884 - 1960

His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja is the father of Vedic Mathematics. He was a gifted person and had done his Masters in seven subjects including Mathematics.

He compiled and authored the monumental work 'Vedic Mathematics' which is the foundation for all Vedic Maths work across the globe.

We owe deeply to Tirthaji for helping the world with Vedic Maths so that it helps children shed the Math phobia and make math fun and interesting.

His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Puri

His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Nishchalananda Saraswati who is the current Shankaracharya of Puri is carrying forward the tradition of Vedic Mathematics after Tirthaji.

He is an eminent mathematician and a scholar and has authored over seven books in the field of Vedic Mathematics.

Its his vision that the world learn and understand Vedic Mathematics and it be promoted globally for the benefit of mankind.

Shakuntala Devi

1929 - 2013

She adds a 16-digit number with another one and multiplies the result with an equal array of numbers almost instantaneously, finds the cube root of the resultant and pops up with an answer in just about the time taken for a wink.

Humanly not possible as even to ask the question would, in its shortest possibility, take a minute. Rated as one in 58 million for her stupendous mathematical feats by one of the fastest super-computers ever invented - - the Univac-1108 - -

Shakuntala Devi was a genius par excellence.

Gaurav Tekriwal

Gaurav Tekriwal is the President of The Vedic Maths Forum India.

Gaurav has extensively traveled the world in his endeavour to promote Vedic Mathematics from South Africa to Dubai, from Thailand to Oman and the United States.

Gaurav's communication abilities and the knowledge of the subject has made him an invited guest speaker at prominent schools, colleges and universities across the globe.

Its his vision to take Vedic Maths to every country on the planet and he's just getting started!


Jain works with Sacred Geometry and Vedic Mathematics from Australia. He is an author of over twelve books on the topic.

He is fascinated by numbers and shapes. The main theme of his life's work is The Translation of Numbers into Atomic Art.

Jain has been a speaker at numerous conferences and delights adults and children alike with his fascinating work on Sacred Geometry.

Vishwanath Govind Unkalkar

V.G.Unkalkar is the author of the International Bestseller 'Magical World of Vedic Mathematics' and has done significant research on advance Vedic Maths.

He regularly trains students on the topic and travels between the United States and India to promote the cause of Vedic Mathematics.

We love him due to his humbleness and down to earth approach when teaching the subject.

Professor P.K Srivathsa

Prof. P.K.Srivathsa from the Indian Institute of Science has been promoting the cause of Vedic Mathematics in the academic circles over the last twenty years.

Prof. Srivathsa's knowledge and oratory skills makes him a very sought after speaker in various national and international conferences.

His research deals with combining Vedic Maths and Information Technology and would be soon releasing his four part voluminous work on the subject.

Dr. Himanshu Thapliyal

Dr. Thapliyal current research interests include reversible logic, 3D ICs, conservative logic, emerging technologies, Vedic mathematics, design of efficient arithmetic units, design of field-programmable gate array (FPGA) architectures for emerging nanotechnologies, and FPGA-based system design.

He was awarded Rs. 100 000 by the State Government of Uttaranchal, India, for his research on Vedic mathematics. He is currently serving as the IEEE Computer Society representative in IEEE GOLD.

Dhaval Bathia

Dhaval Bathia is the author of the International Best Seller ' Vedic Mathematics made Easy' which has been translated in over ten languages.

He has been credited to bring Vedic Mathematics to the mainstream globally through television and by the use of technology.

His workshops has a powerful impact on youth and adults alike.

Vineet Patawari

Vineet Patawari's passion for Mathematics encouraged him to start his blog - He is an MBA from IIM Indore and a Chartered Accountant.

In last few years he has conducted various seminars and workshops on Vedic Mathematics for students, teachers and working professionals.

His website is dedicated to the spreading of Vedic Mathematics - which is extremely interesting and very useful in a lot of circumstances ranging from simple day to day calculations to competitive examinations.

Rajesh Kumar Thakur

Rajesh Kumar Thakur currently works as a Director at the National Vedic Maths Academy, a branch of the All India Ramanujan Maths Club, Gujarat.

He has been teaching secondary and senior secondary school students for the past 14 years and has written more than 30 books and around 100 mathematical articles and dozens of research papers in national and international journals.

Vinay Nair

Being an enthusiastic educator,Vinay Nair has been imparting the knowledge of Vedic Mathematics, since 2009.

He conducts courses, workshops and seminars in schools, colleges and camps on Foundation & Advanced Courses of Vedic Maths for an audience anywhere between 10 to 75 years of age.

Sai Kiran

Sai Kiran is the holder of the Guiness Record for Super Subtraction through Vedic Mathematics in which Kiran subtracted a 70 digit number from a smaller number with the same number of digits in 60 seconds.

Based out of Hyderabad , Sai regularly travels to the Middle East for workshops on Vedic Mathematics.

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