3rd Anniversary of Vedic Maths Forum South Africa

The Vedic Maths Forum South Africa has been in operation since October 2013(4years Anniversary). We are based in Cape Town and supported by Vedic Maths Forum India. Our aim is to ensure that children and teachers are inspired to do Maths.


We provide Maths tuition online via SKYPE by a team of tutors based in Kolkata, India. This is popular with older students who have busy schedules and can’t get to tutoring centres. Online tuition gives them the flexibility to have tuition in the evenings and weekends from the convenience of their homes. The team in India comprises of Graduates and Post Graduates in Mathematics, who have years of experience in teaching Maths. Tutors use an Interactive Online Learning Platform to explain concepts. Students complete questions and solve problems online with the tutor giving immediate feedback.



This year we started offering face-to-face tuition for learners that are being homeschooled and those in mainstream schools. Classes are held in Goodwood, Cape Town from Monday to Saturday. Our tutors are Mrs Trudy Alias, Mrs Teresa van der Linde and Mrs Neshni Naidoo.

Mrs Alias is a retired teacher with 30 years of teaching experience in the foundation and intermediate phase. Recently she has focused on Remedial classes for foundation phase learners.

Mrs van der Linde is a teaching assistant at a primary school in Cape Town and assists learners with interventions in Maths, English and Afrikaans. She is a part–time student of UNISA, studying a B.Ed ISP (3rd year).

Mrs Naidoo is a Chemical Engineering graduate with 9 years experience in the Chemical, Petrochemical and Textile Industries. Over the past 8 years, she has conducted teaching and training for children and adults.


Enrolments are open for 2017 so we encourage parents to book now for next year so that your child can receive the support they need as early as possible.

For more information, contact Neshni Naidoo via email neshni.naidoo@vedicmaths.co.za or WhatsApp (084 591 3723).