CAT 2014 topper Neha Manglik says Vedic maths helped her score better!

Vedic Maths helped CAT topper :
Neha Manglik is the only woman among the 16 who scored 100 percentile
in the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2014. The results were declared on
December 28.
In an exclusive interview with,
Neha says she is “a solution seeker” and she honed her skills in maths
via lessons in ancient Vedic mathematics. Here are edited excepts of her

Q. So how do you feel on being lone woman CAT topper this year?

I’m happy and thrilled at scoring 100 percentile. But this did not
happen suddenly. I have been preparing for this since I was a child. I
am a solution seeker; I look for improvements. While preparing for the CAT, I
identified that my maths needs improvements and I require more speed in
calculations. I decided to learn some easy ways, explored and
discovered Vedic Mathematics. And it surely helped me to score better.

Q. Did you take any coaching in Vedic maths?

No. I searched online and looked for Vedic mathematics videos on
YouTube and I practised the tricks and methods for a week. And here I am
with brilliant scores. Also, I took some shortcut workshops to improve
my performance. I believe in finding solutions.
Q. How did you score 100 percentile in English?
Well, as I said, it does not happen in a day. I was consistent in
getting a command over the language. I read and write a lot. I read
novels and books. I also write poems. This is how I practised.

Q. What is your dream in life?

There are a lot of thoughts about my future and I definitely want a
creative angle in whatever I choose to do, but what exactly I will do is
not fixed. One thing I’m certain of is that I want to balance my work
life with my family life. I will not compromise on the family just to run
after money or fame. Having said that, I always have and will continue
to give my best to everything I do.
Q. Can you share one of your poems with us?
A. Yes, I will be glad to. Here you go –
Sharing Inspiration
Do you feel helpless, depressed and sad?
Like you’re losing everything you ever had?
If you need a motivational poem or quote
Or a saying or a story that someone wrote
Look within yourself, you will find
A hundred stories of that kind
Find motivation in whatever you see
The mountain or the roadside tree
The spider weaving a web from its spit
The mark on hard earth as water droplets hit
The ant trying hard to overcome that obstacle
Everything around you is purely a miracle
But a greater miracle is waiting within you
Unleash yourself, see what you can do
And never, ever wait for that inspirational quote
You’ve read enough, it’s time you wrote.
Source:  India Today