Easy method of multiplication by 9

I am giving some short cut methods to solve some mathematical problems. You can arrive the answer in seconds without doing the formal step. Each Problem has different rule , each rule varies and this We have to keep in mind. This does not mean that you must not do the steps in your School. One has to follow the Steps in School since you gain marks for that. If you know the techniques it will Help you to think better and your creativity level will increase. Mental Calculations improves the memory. It creates confidence in oneself. It saves time and energy.

Here are some short cuts


23 x 9 = 2 / 0 / 7

Answer will be 3 parts.

First part : Write the First digit of the multiplicand as it is.

Second part: It will be “ Zero”.

Third Part : It will be the Complement of second digit of the multiplicand.

You can try 34 X 9, 45 X 9, etc.


22 X 9 = 1 / 9 / 8.

333X 9 = 2 / 99 / 7.

Answer will be 3 parts.

First part : Subtract 1 from the 1st digit of the multiplicand.

Second part: write one ‘9’ if multiplicand has 2 digit No. write two ‘9’s if multiplicand has 3 digit No. and go on.

Third Part : Complement of last digit of multiplicand from 10.

I hope you all like these simple methods. After Practising Vedic Maths,I am able to give my own methods which I wanted to share with you all.

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Thank you.
R. Sujaritha.
Muscat, Oman.


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