Hello Everyone!
Just Got this Encouraging Email from Croatia. This shows that Vedic Maths is slowly reaching all the corners of the globe.

An Interesting mail …Read On.

“Thank you for doing what you do. I’ m writing a presentation with the title “Vedic Mathematics”,and apparently no one here in Croatia heard about it. Really embarrassing. The biggest problem that Ihave to face is the lack of books about Vedic maths, so it is very difficult to write something without giving any proof at all of it.

Anyway, I’m glad I had the luck to encounter Vedic maths methods, because I’m studying Constructions,and they recently prohibited the use of calculators. So thank for doing what you do, yo are helping many people that ,like me, come from countries were Vedic Mathematics isn’t that popular.I’m also sending you another visualization of multiplication. I’m not sure if it exists already,couse as I sad, I hadn’t read a single book about it.It seems really easy to understand. The idea came to me by performing multiplication with 11.

Thank, Goran Bulatović”

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