Fields Medal winner Manjul Bhargava’s 3 ideas to overcome fear of maths

Manjul Bhargava

 Heartiest Congratulations to Manjul Bhargava for the coveted Fields Medal in Mathematics.

Manjul Bhargava, the first Indian-origin mathematician to win the
coveted Fields Medal , says the inspiration behind his discoveries in
number theory has been the classic works of ancient Indian
“Their works contain incredible mathematical
discoveries, and were very inspirational to me as a young mathematician.
The classic works of Pingala, Hemachandra, and Brahmagupta have been
particularly influential in my own work,” the 40-year-old Princeton
University professor told in a detailed email interview.
the interview, he also goes on the explain how the ancients derived
elegant mathematical patterns from rhythms of Sanskrit poetry and how he
managed to simplify and expand the work of 18th-century German maths
legend Carl Friedrich Gauss with the help of Hemchandra’s Identity and a
simple Rubik’s Mini-Cube.
Bhargava also offers three suggestions to teachers and students in India to make math learning fun.


Bhargava receives the Fields Medal at the International Congress of
Mathematicians (ICM) in Seoul.

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