First Ever Vedic Math Poll

Vedic Math- and its High Speed Calculations are fast gaining acceptance from the masses. It has become fashionable and has caught on the fancies of students who continue to use it for its brilliant efficacy,simplicity and coherence.

Thousands of Websites have come on the Internet on Vedic Math and several communities on social networks have come where people and students help each other to learn this beautiful system.
One Such Group on Vedic Mathematics is on a Popular Social Network called Orkut. It has over 26,000 members and members exchange notes and gain help to learn Vedic Math. They clarify their doubts, enhance learning and ask questions.

This Community is so far the strongest membership on Vedic Math fans at one place found anywhere on the web and has been around for over three years.

We asked the members some questions on Vedic Math to which they responded. We got an average of 400 votes per question asked. And Over two thousand votes were cast. Most voters were Students in School and in College.

Question 1: Which Mental Math Method do you prefer to give you results?

Over 75% of the people feel that they prefer Vedic Math when compared to other methods. It is a point to note that 10% of the students prefer Rote Learning to give them results even when there are other methods available like the Chinese Abacus. A reason for this could be that they have been memorizing Math since their childhood and are comfortable with it. Even teachers in schools ask students to memorize their times tables.

Even though the Trachtenberg System of Speed Math bears a close resemblance to Vedic Math , by the amount of votes cast in its favor it does not seem to be popular with the masses, though they are aware of it.

Question 2: How did you or plan to learn Vedic Maths?

Students are clearly interested in learning Vedic Math. Most want to gain knowledge of this by Buying a Book and they have several options available to choose from. Several have turned to the Internet to give them this learning. Over 14% have read up content and courses given on lots of websites and 27% feel that they would benefit by joining communities on Orkut by receiving help from friends.

Some 14% even want to attend workshops which they look out for provided its given to them in their city and area.

So I personally feel with the results of this question that there is still lot of scope available for new books on Vedic Math and publishers are also keen to highlight authors with the knowledge of this subject. A must mention a sort of an announcement here that Shakuntala Devi is occupied writing her work on Vedic Mathematics which is soon going to be published in a few months. We eagerly look forward to this new book on Vedic Math.

Question 3: The Best book is Vedic Mathematics from Jagatguru Shankaracharya. Yes or No?

Over 78% of the Students feel that Jagadguru Tirthaji’s monumental work is the best in the field- which is true. Its an evergreen Best-Seller and close to 50,000 copies of it get sold every year. Also to mention this is the book which I’ve found even in the remotest of book shops in the country. Booksellers recommend this to their customers when they ask for a book on Vedic Math-also because this book has been selling for over 4 decades.

21% feel that its not a best work. A reason for this could be that they have brought the book and found it not reader friendly and impenetrable. You do require some patience to understand the language in the book. Some Students say that they have been able to study only upto Multiplication and that the topics beyond that is impassable.

Question 4: Which is your favorite Vedic Maths Method?

I expected this answer only. Vedic Multiplication is the Universal Favorite Vedic Maths Method. People love it and remember it the most. I have asked numerous students and they have a special love for Multiplication as this was the method which gave them an interest in numbers. They found out their own capabilities with the help of this method and they felt good and excited while doing multiplication with this system.

Students also like Vedic Addition but perhaps I feel they aren’t aware of Vedic subtraction to a greater degree. Vedic Subtraction by the All from 9 & Last from 10 method needs to be highlighted and laid more stress on than multiplication. Subtraction is the key to speeding up Division.

Question 5 : Which is your favorite Vedic Math Multiplication Method?

There was a huge debate and this question brought about an uproar. Each Student fighting for and giving reason for their own best method.

Tathagata says ” Vertically Cross wise is the best, because it is quicker than any other method. When the numbers are near 10 or 100 etc then Base is Good. But Vertically and Cross wise has its hand on everything…..”

Ankit likes the Base Method and he mentions ‘ i feel itz d easiest method n helps doin d problem in very little time..!!”

To which Sanjeet says ”

You are right but vertically and crosswise method gives the same complexity for all multiplications of every level and is more logical and simple. heads off to ancient India. ”

‘ The Next Hero’ says “Using Vertically and Crosswise we can do wonders in multiplying……………itz easy………but other methods r too easy n wont help in most of d situations…….”

It is clear that the students want a method which works in every situation like the Vertically & Crosswise Multiplication.

Question 6: Is Vedic Maths Really helping you Solve Problems?

Most ( over 80%) feel that Vedic Math is helping them solve their Math Probems. But to mention Around 13% feel that Vedic Math becomes confusing and 5% feel that Vedic Math isnt helping them solve their problems. Lack of Good Teachers and Workshops could be a reason for this. Another reason could be the book by Shankaracharya which become difficult for most beginners and they give up the subject stating its tough for them.

Also since childhood most students are used to doing calculations with paper and writing each step. Mental Visualisation could be difficult for them. I still have 25 year old students who find adding 17 + 8 difficult and they do it with their fingers.

Books which are simple, lucid and for beginners should be marked and also book sellers in shops should be educated about them – i.e which one suits which age group best. They should be recommending easier books to beginners and for more advanced students-higher level books could be recommended.

What did you feel while going through this poll. How was your learning experience of Vedic Math? What do you feel about Vedic Math? Do post in your comments here and let your sentiments known.

We welcome you,if you are new to Vedic Math and would like to join the Vedic Mathematics Community by us. You simply need to have an Orkut/Google account to start.

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