Gaurav Tekriwal, Live in conversation with Arthur T Benjamin

It was an absolute pleasure and honor for us at Vedic Maths Forum India to see our founder president Gaurav Tekriwal interview Arthur T Benjamin, Author|TED Speaker|Mathemagician a few weeks ago. There were so many new things to learn from Prof. Benjamin and get amazed at!

Here is the complete Video Interview for over 40 minutes for your viewing pleasure

Here is the 2-minute transcript of the interview.

Hello, big, big, warm. Welcome to each one and big hello from India Kolkata. My name is Gaurav Tekriwal. And I represent my organization, the Vedic Maths Forum India. It’s amazing that all of you have joined us today from all across the world. And today we have a very special guest, but before I go on about him, I would like to, I would like you to say hello if you’re watching and just type in your city name so that I know where you’re from.

[00:01:42] So welcome to all our guests from Facebook, Twitter. Instagram and even YouTube awake. Big, welcome today. We are privileged and honored to have Professor Arthur Benjamin, who is a TED speaker and America’s No 1 Math Educator. So before I would like to go on with the bio, like I said, big welcome to all who come to our show.

[00:02:11] Thank you. Gaurav it’s very nice to be here.

I’d like to share, little bit about Professor Benjamin. So Arthur Benjamin is an American distinguished mathematician who specializes in combinatorics since 1989. He has been a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd college where he is the Smallwood family, professor of mathematics.

[00:02:42] He is known worldwide. I repeat worldwide for mental math capabilities and mathemagic performance in front of live audiences. His mathematical abilities have been highlighted in newspapers and [00:03:00] magazine articles globally, TED talks, and on the Colbert report, a big, big warm welcome. So I would like to ask you the first question is how did it all begin for you?

[00:03:14] How were the early days like. You know, I think I have always, I loved the numbers for as, as long as I can remember for as long as my parents could remember, uh, numbers and I just always got along. And I think what I enjoyed most was that you could take mathematical problems and you could solve them lots and lots of different ways, but it, if you were careful, We would always get the same answer. I just found that consistency of mathematics to be absolutely beautiful then. And I still do now today.

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