How simple is Vedic Maths ?

How simple is Vedic Maths :
Vedic Maths offers a new perspective to see the numbers. It uses a different way to tackle the problems of numbers through seeing their patterns and methods. Continuous use of these way improves the mental ability and so makes the performance ease with faster calculations.
If you search the internet for Vedic maths, you can see the success of this system high since this system of calculation is completely natural.
Let me cite an easy example,
Example : 75 + 33 =?
If we normally use the conventional method taught in school , you proceed to add each numbers from right to left.
Now,using Vedic system , look at the number 33 , it is 3 more than 30 .So add 30 to 75 which gives us 105.Then add 3 giving 108.
Therefore , 75 +33  = 108 Simple isn’t it ?
Example : 75 -33 =?
Again, in normal subtraction, all we do is subtract each number from right to left.But using Vedic system ,again look at 33, it is 3 more than 30.So 75-30 =45.Now subtract 3 from it giving us the result 42.
Therefore , 75 – 33  = 42
Now, you can try this with as many numbers you like and see the result for yourself.
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