Importance of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots in Math education

The Big ‘Maths’ Problem

Globally we are facing a crisis in Math education. Math phobia is prevalent globally among students, teachers and even parents.There is an acute scarcity of math teachers around the world — so much so that no one wants to become a Math teacher anymore. The quality of lesson delivery in classrooms is poor and private tutoring options are expensive and unaffordable.

In such a grim scenario the responsibilities of all the stakeholders is immense. With the rise of internet usage and information technology over the last decade people have been looking online for solutions to make maths simple and easy.

Khan Academy founded in 2007 became a worldwide phenomenon as it offers friendly Youtube videos to make Maths fun. Over the last eleven years since its inception, the Khan Academy is followed by millions of students and teachers as they strive to learn Mathematics — online.

The current and the next decade is all things mobile. And if its mobile its messaging. People use mobile for texting their friends, family and acquaintances. In-fact messaging apps are bigger than social networks.

So if people are using messaging, Can they use it to learn Maths? A radical thought. Let’s validate it!

What are Chatbots?

As per Wikipedia chatbot (also known as a talkbot, chatterbot, Bot, IM bot, interactive agent, or Artificial Conversational Entity) is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods.

So if its a teacher teaching you Math via Chatbot why isn’t that a possibility?
In the bot based model the teachers can guide a greater number of students at any given time and be present round the clock 24|7. The bot will take care of your performance and even tell you which areas you need to focus on to get a better score.

If you are shy about asking questions in class, the Math bot will answer all your questions, so its very personalized, interactive and one on one. And because people are already hooked to Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp — the good news is that you can now learn straight in Facebook Messenger its-self — How cool is that?

It now doesn’t matter if you learn slow or fast — let the maths chatbot match up to your speed. It’s absolutely fine. They will go according to your speed and ensure you get better grades.

The Maths Chatbot takes care of the problems of scale. The quality of lesson delivery is great and standardized. The Bot is affordable and doesn’t cost a bomb to use it and its very personalized. With these benefits, I think that the Bot will start to cause a massive disruption in the years to come causing a paradigm shift in the way everyone learns Mathematics.

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