India waking up to Vedic Maths!

It feels great to see the renewed interest of the Indian mainstream Media in the subject of Vedic Mathematics based on the works of Tirthaji – the Shankaracharya of Puri. India waking up to Vedic Maths – Most of the articles have talked about the politics behind introducing Vedic Maths in India but none so far have covered the basic need of Vedic Maths in India!Consider this…

75.2% of all children in Grade 5 in India can’t do Division (3 digits by 1-digit problems) – Source: ASER 2012 by Pratham.73.7% of all children in Grade 3 in India can’t subtract (two digit problems with borrowing) – Source: ASER 2012 by Pratham.

With the number of enrollments in schools increasing, there is actually a greater number of students who are struggling with basic maths in India’s Schools. Why not teach them an easier way to divide or subtract which is via Vedic Mathematics.

A section of Maths scholars cast aside Vedic maths because of the dispute about its origins. In this respect, the Current Shankaracharya of Puri gives one of the sources to Vedic math sutras being in an ancient Indian Text.

Also, some mathematicians brush away Vedic maths as being shortcuts or a bag of tricks. In the light of new studies published, each and every sutra has been proved mathematically and these proofs are available for all to see and learn from.

Today in India, Vedic Maths is being adopted by three universities who will launch programs in Feb 2015. The day is not far away when we will see Vedic maths as being part of every university or board’s curriculum.

There is great promise in Vedic Mathematics. Neha Manglik credits Vedic Maths for her stellar performance in cracking CAT, where she scored 100%.
Article by Gaurav Tekriwal, President, The Vedic Maths Forum India