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I m Manuj Keshari, originally from Meerut, UP, India. I did my Engineering from BITS PILANI University at its Goa Campus and am currently working as an R & D Engineer with Tejas Networks. For more info abt my interests, etc u can plz visit my profile.

A few months back, I went to one of my friends preparing for JEE. He was taking coaching from one of the most reputed coaching institutes of the country. However, I was rather surprised to find out that he knew almost every procedure/method to solve a problem, but dint know what he was doing and why ? For eg, he knew very well how to find the limit of a function and whether a function is cts/differentiable or not, but dint know what exactly do they mean or what is the physical implication of these things ?

Now, it’s true that our current educational system focusses on marks and not so much on knowledge of a subject .. ppl get marks if they can remember a formula during exam, whether they know, how that formula arrived or what is the physical implication of it, is immaterial .. knowing the procedure is one thing, however, applying it to daily life problems is quite another.. for that, one needs to understand the subject and its correlation with real life .. the minimum that one shud expect from an individual using a particular formula is to understand its derivation, but many a times, even that is wanting of many .

ofcourse, there hv been changes in the recent times .. some good initiatives hv also been introduced by the Govt, but the fact remains that we still treat Neil Armstrong as the first man to hv set his foot on moon, when Edwin Aldrin was behind him, in that landmark achievement, by not more than 15 min .. for us, each and every mark counts, and there’s nothing wrong in it; but in this cut throat competition we seem to hv lost our disposition to understand things and hv given way to “so long as we get marks, its fine” attitude .. we still give more importance to end results i.e the marks and not how that’s achieved .

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