Yippee! Its that time of the year again when cities and town become abuzz with Vedic Mathematics Workshops. Children are free from classes and teachers can organize Vedic Maths Summer Camps in various schools and institutions. 
The Vedic Maths Community is very active in this phase now. So we thought we would extend out our helping hand to those people who are organizing Vedic Mathematics Workshops in various countries and cities. Entrepreneurs who need Vedic Maths Teachers support can just write in a mail to gtekriwal@blog.vedicmathsindia.org  and we will be happy to send our teachers to your city or town to conduct workshops.
This summer our teachers are travelling to the Middle East , Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and even as far as Kerela. So entrepreneurs out there jump on this opportunity to organize Vedic Maths Workshops. The Vedic Maths Forum India will be happy to help with Marketing Materials and a solid plan to make your workshops successful.
Just write in to gtekriwal@blog.vedicmathsindia.org  and we will be happy to help you.