Maths Fun with Digit Sums

Maths Fun with Digit Sums
When I was little, one of my favourite pastimes during road
trips was to add up the numbers on the licence plates of passing cars on the
road. It was only last year that I discovered that this activity actually had a
name – Digit Sums!


The response from your child – SO WHAT? Why would I need to
know this?
Well, in Vedic Maths, digit sums are used for two things:
  • to check if the answer to a calculation is
    correct and
  • to test the divisibility of numbers.


But we can also just have fun with Digit Sums as I
discovered recently with my own children.
The question was this:

the biggest number less than 100 whose Digit Sum is 11?

Watch the presentation to see what was uncovered.

Try this exercise to make practising number bonds and multiplication a more exciting exercise in the classroom and at home.

Neshni Naidoo
Director: Vedic Maths Forum South Africa

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