New Book: Maths Sutras from around the World by Gaurav Tekriwal

Maths Sutras on Amazon

So Happy to announce the launch of our New Book for younger audiences ‘Maths Sutras from Around the World‘ authored by Gaurav Tekriwal and published by Puffin Books.

In this book, I’ve tried to bring together a collection of quick methods from different countries into one book. I explored Egyptian Maths, Singapore Maths and also our very own Vedic Maths among other methods. Targetted towards younger audiences this book also has lots of puzzles from Japan and Maths reasoning based activities for younger audiences to enjoy!

Do check out the book summary in the video below

The book is well suited for young audiences who are 7 years and above and it would work well for teachers especially in the primary levels. The Book is available for orders on Amazon US and Amazon India. It’s time to compute like a Boss!

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