Shri V.G.Unkalkar at the Vedic Maths Workshop

Sahyadri Kannada Sangha from Kaiga Nuclear Power Corporation, India ltd., Karnataka organized a 2-day workshop on Vedic Mathematics on 11 &12 July 2015. The workshop was conducted by Shri V. G. Unkalkar, author of many books on Vedic Mathematics. The gathering comprised of about 100 participants including high school & college students, teachers, & employees of that area. It was appreciated by one & all. Shri V.G.Unkalkar was felicitated by Sahyadri Kannada Sangha after the workshop.

Principal  K. Sharma, Sangha president Amol Revankar, v.p. Jeetendra Kumar, Mahantesh Oshimath,& all members of sangha made efforts to make the Vedic Mathematics workshop a grand success.

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