Now use Wiziq on your IPAD

Just got this amazing piece of news from our online classroom website Wiziq! Yes! You can now use the virtual classroom ( Wiziq app) on your Ipad.  This application is designed for students and teachers which give them anytime and anywhere access to the Wiziq Virtual Classroom.
The WizIQ Virtual Classroom app offers all of the key features that
users enjoy from their desktop web browsers without concern for Flash
support on the iPad and all in the palms of their hands.

With this app, students can:
  • Attend online classes from virtually anywhere.
  • Connect to class video and audio.
  • View presentations, reports, documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets,
    and multimedia files – whatever the instructor shares on-screen.
  • See the whiteboard with all of its drawing tools  and write on it when the instructor hands over whiteboard controls. Add a stylus to the mix and see what a shared interactive whiteboard can really do!
  • Chat publicly via text with all participants.
  • Raise their hands in class for questions or comments.
  • Give instant feedback through polls as shared by the teacher.
I am absolutely thrilled to hear this.This basically means that now we would be able to give Vedic Maths online classes  from anywhere, even while traveling….There would be no missing classes for anyone. Three Cheers for Wiziq! 🙂 Hip Hip Hurray!