The not-so-famous Anustub Sutra is a wonderful pun in it’s own right. It’s so worded that it can bear 3 different meanings: and all of them quite apt. The first is a hymn to Lord Sri Krsna, the second is similarly is a hymn in praise of Lord Shri Shankara, and third, arguably, the best and most ingenious of all (from a mathematician’s point of view), is the evaluation of PI/10 to 32 places of decimal, and more importantly, with a “Self contained master key” to extend the evaluation to any number of decimal places !!! (and remember, we are talking of a time when ppl would multiply 7 by 5 by adding 7 five times !! ) …

On understanding it, Dr V P Dalal (of the Hiedelburg University, Germany) commented: “It shows how deeply the ancient Indian mathematicians penetrated, in the subtlety of their calculations, even when the Greeks had no numeral above 1000 and their multiplications were so very complex, which they performed with the help of the counting frame by adding so many times the multiplier ! 7 X 5 could be done by adding 7 on the counting frame 5 times !”

However, the same great ancient genius, poetry and literature, of which each and every Indian shud be proud of, is being used to demean Vedic maths by calling it communal … and even if our pseudo secular leaders are so much concerned abt “censoring” such “communal” stuff, even then, our ancient sciences could be taught without such literary genius as well i.e removing all such puns etc from it … in my opinion, this literary stuff adds on to the beauty of the subject and prevents it from becoming dull; however, it’s not necessary to be taught … isn’t it shameful that we feel shy to acknowledge our own greatness in several domains when the entire world is gng crazy after them ?

we had almost forgotten योग unless it returned to us as “योगा” .. hope such is not the case with Vedic Maths …

Manuj Keshari

– The Vedic Maths Forum India

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