Question: Is Vedic Maths Confusing ?

Just got this question from overseas.I thought of posting it here as it may help others as well.


 I am wondering does it cause confusion if we learn different method such as Vedic math if we already learned regular method at school like me I have learned with regular math method since I am years old and I am very used to use regular method to do the math.


My main concern is if we teach Vedic math in any age group who attend regular school then he or she will have any confusion at school or any complication at school?


My opinion is knowing different method of the math is very good but for some other people might cause confusion and have some complication at school especially with teacher ?

My Answer:

Vedic Maths is an alternative technique used for calculations by students. It is best introduced at Grade 4 or 5 when the children begin to understand the difference between the two.Introducing Vedic Math to students in these grades does not confuse them at all. Infact it gives them an option to do the sum in a new way.

I understand your concern that students can get confused in school as there may be a conflict between the methods taught in school and the Vedic way as teachers will not be able to understand them.I n this regard we advise students use the Vedic Methods as a checking tool. Vedic methods are invisible…which means they can be calculated mentally so the child can use Vedic method mentally and check his answers by the method and the teacher wont have to know that he used the Vedic Methods.

Using the Vedic methods adds to the child’s numeracy skills. He gets more friendlier with numbers and as a result his scores increase.

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