Review: TIME Primary 2012

TIME Primary 2012
At TIME Primary with Miracule D.Gavor from Vedic Maths Ghana
It was an awesome experience attending TIME Primary 2012 at IIT Bombay. This was the first National Conference for Primary Maths teachers from K – 5 organized by Prof. Rana.
The highlight of the conference was the discussion groups on Numbers, Shapes and Spaces, Measurement, Algebra and Data.
There were workshops on Geogebra, MindSpark, and using Ipads for Primary Level Mathematics, calculators, origami and math tambola.
The session on Mental Mathematics was given by Gaurav Tekriwal, from the Vedic Maths Forum India and was attended by over 45 participants. Apart from Vedic Mathematics, concepts of the Korean Chisanbop System and Abacus were also shown.
We particularly look forward to TIME Conferences as we get to meet and interact with the very people who are involved in shaping the Maths Education in the country. Here’s thanking Prof.Rana and looking forward eagerly to TIME 2013.
The IIT Bombay Lecture Complex 1
Teachers browsing books at TIME-Primary 2012


At TIME-Primary 2012

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