Some Math Jokes from Malaysia

Dear Friends,We requested for some contributors and got 5 of them from all across the world who will soon be posting.Here is one posting from Sutharthan from Malaysia who casually shares some Math Jokes with us.
Requesting more Contributors to join in to contribute interesting articles on Mathematics.Also if you are on Twitter you can follow us for free Ebooks, and other Offers. Our Link is”Hello my name is Sutharthan from AIMST university , Malaysia. Teaching foundation maths. I’m interested in vedic maths , slowly learning from the website. Below are my contributions.” Maths Jokes 1) Teacher: “Who can tell me what 7 times 6 is?”
Student: “It’s 42!”
Teacher: “Very good! – And who can tell me what 6 times 7 is?”
Same student: “It’s 24!” 2) Teacher: What is 2k + k?
Student: 3000! 3) Q: Why do you rarely find mathematicians spending time at the beach?
A: Because they have sine and cosine to get a tan and don’t need the sun! 4) Q: What does a mathematician present to his fiancee when he wants to propose?
A: A polynomial ring!5) Q: What does the zero say to the the eight?
A: Nice belt!

Have a Nice Weekend Folks.

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