I recently received the following as a forwarded mail and thought would share it on this blog as well, I m not quite sure abt the facts mentioned (eg chilean biologist, etc) in it, but “The Student’s Prayer” is interesting and worth spending some time on …. especially by the teachers & educationists … this post could even be considered as a continuation to one of my previous posts on this blog ..
The young son of a Chilean biologist, Umberto Maturana, became unhappy at school because he felt his teachers were making it impossible for him to learn. They wanted to teach him what they knew, rather than drawing out what he needed to learn. As a result Maturana wrote “The Student’s Prayer”, of which this translation is an abridged version. It perfectly expresses the spiritually intelligent individual’s response to the conforming pressures of parents, teachers, bosses or the crowd.

THE STUDENT’S PRAYER:Don’t impose on me what you know,I want to explore the unknownAnd be the source of my own discoveries.Let the known be my liberation, not my slavery.The world of your truth can be my limitation;Your wisdom my negation.Don’t instruct me; let’s walk together.Let my richness begin where yours ends.Show me so that I can standOn your shoulders.Reveal yourself so that I can beSomething different.You believe that every human beingCan love and create.I understand, then, your fearWhen I ask you to live according to your wisdom.You will not know who I amBy listening to yourself.Don’t instruct me; let me be.Your failure is that I be identical to you.**********************************************************************************I really liked the last line of the prayer where he says: “Your failure is that I be identical to you” …
Manuj Keshari



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