Tata Sky launches ‘Active Vedic Maths’ service

Tata Sky, India’s premier DTH service provider has joined hands with the Vedic Maths Forum India to launch a first of
its kind training program in ‘Vedic Maths’ on its platform. The service is
aimed at helping students and professionals appearing for competitive
examinations within and outside the country, where speed is the key. The new interactive service called Actve Vedic Maths can be accessed by Tata Sky subscribers within the comfort
of their homes, at any time of the day based on their convenience. It is
to help
students   get   familiar with  Vedic  Maths  techniques   from an
early age and  also  give  an   edge   to
those appearing for competitive exams  by  helping them  solve
objective type Mathematical questions  faster
The 60-day training program
comprises video tutorials and practice sessions in Vedic Maths that enables one
to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other Mathematical
operations faster than conventional methods taught in schools and colleges,
where these are taught in a fundamental way.
“Almost every exam now gives you more objective
questions than you can solve within the given time frame. Given ample time, most
of you may solve these papers perfectly. But given the 2 or 3-hours constraint,
any technique that trains you to cut even 5 seconds in solving a problem, may
give you a huge edge over your competitors.   Tata Sky’s Actve Vedic Maths
will give you that competitive edge,” says Mr. Vikram Mehra, Chief Commercial
Officer, Tata Sky.
Gaurav Tekriwal, the founder President
of The Vedic Maths Forum India, is a renowned educator and motivator, imparting
High Speed Vedic Maths skills globally over the last twelve years. Having
learnt the Vedic Maths system from the current Shankaracharya of Puri and
Late Shakuntala Devi popularly known as “Human Computer”, Tekriwal
imparted this admirable ancient knowledge to over 4 million students in India,
South Africa, Oman, UAE, Romania, Ghana and Malaysia.
“I am delighted to be associated with
Tata Sky to bring Actve Vedic Maths service to Indian homes through TV. Our
focus has been on creating Mathematical interest among students and improving
their overall academic performance by strengthening their basic fundamentals of
Mathematics through platforms like Vedic Maths videos, blogs, online virtual
classrooms and now for the first time this will be available on a TV service
through Tata Sky,” Mr Tekriwal said on this occasion.
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