The Telegraph: Vedic Maths answer to the Global Maths Crisis

Vedic Maths answer to the Global Maths Crisis:

According to the Annual Status of Education Report, ASER
2014, Only 2 out of 10 children in rural India in Std V can solve a 3
digit division sum according to Pratham ASER Report. 46.5 per cent of
rural children in Class V could not solve a two-digit subtraction
problem without seeking help. This numeracy problem is not limited to
Such is the havoc that maths has created across countries. Our children
can’t do the math. This problem of numeracy makes our children math-phobic
which globally results in the numeracy levels in decline. This is a fact
that should give everyone involved in maths education grave cause for
concern.One of the solutions to this numeracy problem could be the
implementation of Vedic Mathematics. The Indian system of Vedic
Mathematics could help make maths a more engaging subject. Vedic
Mathematics is a method of speed calculation developed by the Indian
Saint Shri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji in the early 20th Century. The
methods are short and simple, which makes maths more appealing for
children. Using the system, complex multiplications such as 98×97 can be
solved in less than five seconds flat!And it doesn’t finish there; Vedic Mathematics can be used to solve both
simple equations and more difficult problems, including fractions,
squares, algebra and even some trigonometry. The system works using 16
word formulas are known as “Sutras”: short sayings that have various
meanings and applications.

The practicality of a speed mathematics system such as Vedic Mathematics
in the age of calculators could be debated. However, as part of a
The government drive to boost standards, calculators have recently been banned
in the UK English primary school maths exams; this demonstrates that
there is still a place for mental arithmetic within the school system.

Prime Minister Modi also wants to give a boost to Vedic maths and Says that they will make Vedic Maths an export.

“The ASER report has clearly mentioned and brought out the facts with
respect to the decline in Maths levels in India. Vedic Maths can help
the student overcome challenges of maths education and can make it fun and
engaging.  We must support the initiative of Mr. Smriti Irani, HRD
Minister, to introduce Vedic Maths in Curriculum.” Says Gaurav Tekriwal,
President, Vedic Maths Forum India.

‘Globally too Maths levels are on a serious decline and we have
countries in Africa in worse condition than ours who are enjoying the
Vedic Maths system. We must support our ministers who can help raise
India’s numeracy levels and also help raise its exports in the field.’ –
Tekriwal says.

Gaurav Tekriwal’s organization Vedic Maths Forum India has already taken
this system to over five countries and is currently in expansion mode
in Africa. Mr. Tekriwal who recently won the Indiafrica Young
Visionaries Fellowship in 2014, sponsored by the Ministry of External
Affairs in India.

Source: The Telegraph, Money life,   Businesswire India

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