Upcoming The 12th Carnival of Mathematics

We take great pleasure to announce that our Vedic Maths Forum India Blog will be hosting the 12th Carnival of Mathematics on July13th 2007.

A Little About The Carnival of Mathematics

Biology bloggers have Tangled Bank. Medical bloggers have Grand Rounds. Neuroscience bloggers have Encephalon. And now math bloggers have the Carnival of Mathematics. If you have anything to blog about that’s related to math, it belongs here. Possible topics include,

– Proofs of theorems and formulas, whether in pure or applied math;
– Explanations of mathematical concepts, as basic as those on ScienceBlogs’ basic concepts series;
– Anything related to math education, from complaints about innumerate students to long-winded theories of how to teach math;
– Debunking bad math, especially when used to bolster bad science, bad economics, or bad politics;
– How to apply good math to other fields like physics, economics, computer science, and ;
– Math in popular culture: the TV series Numb3rs, the movies Pi and Proof, any book by Simon Singh, and so on.

Despite the mathematical inclination of the carnival, theoretical computer scientists and theoretical physicists are welcome to submit posts about their fields. Both disciplines are highly mathematized, and when it comes to such subfields as Lie theory, logic, and complexity theory, it’s hard to pinpoint where one discipline ends and other begins.Send in your submissions to gtekriwal@gmail.com by Thursday, July 12th, 11:59 PDT so you can be added to this Carnival! Please include the phrase Carnival of Mathematics in the subject heading.

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