US team lauds maths teaching in India

US team lauds maths teaching in India, JAIPUR: An American delegation, comprising 32 mathematicians from various educational institutions, visited Subodh Public School on Saturday. John W Lot, director, Centre for Excellence, University of Mississippi, in his keynote address said the methods and methodology used in India for teaching mathematics is far superior to the US. The delegation discussed the mathematics curriculum, CCE pattern and various activities in related to teaching and learning of mathematics.

At the interactive session, the delegates discussed the methods making maths more interesting. The also appreciated the reasons school teachers here teach Vedic and commercial maths to students besides geometry in smart classrooms.

The delegation commented there was a lot of interest in Indian mathematics across the globe. They admitted that a sizable number of US nationals opting for mathematics as a career are of Indian origin. “The maths curricula adopted in Indian schools is very effective and sound than US,” added Lot.

They also interacted with students and found them intelligent when it comes to basics of maths. Bela Joshi, principal, Subodh School, said, “The found maths laboratory very interesting and innovative.”

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