Teacher’s Training Course in Vedic Maths

In this course you will be trained for 40 hours which will include practice and speed building sessions and mock classes as well. You will be provided with the complete study materials too including 8 set DVD + 1 Book (our best selling self authored ‘MathsSutra’) and countless worksheets for your reference.



Globally we are witnessing a decline in Numeracy Standards as students and countries struggle with lack of Maths teachers in the classroom. This decline also propels the demand in the world for alternative methods to make math fun and interesting.

There is a definite need for teachers who strengthens the fundamentals for children in Mathematics and cultivates an interest in numbers in them.

As a teacher looking to help students in the classroom, Vedic Maths adds a new dimension to the Maths classes. It makes maths fun and engaging for the students. In our Online Certified Course in Vedic Maths for Teachers, we cover the entire curriculum in Vedic Mathematics which includes the 16 Sutras and 13 sub-sutras. All the levels in Vedic Mathematics will be covered in this course along with its proofs.

Once this course is complete you will notice a transformation in the way you looked at maths. These vedic maths skills will give you an upper hand in your employability as well and hence the importance of this online course.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Once you have registered and paid for the course, our teachers will contact you on the phone number/Email given by you and start classes immediately.

We will also connect with you on skype.

Our tutors are available round the clock.  We train students in different time zones hence our tutors are available on all weekdays (Except Sundays when we take a day off).

Just send a message to your tutor on Skype and reschedule. We are very flexible and we would only be glad to accommodate your request.

We need you to have Skype, High Speed Internet Connection (512kbps to 1mbps) and a headset with microphone for the audio needs.  We don’t use video for privacy concerns and bandwidth issues.

6 reviews for Teacher’s Training Course in Vedic Maths

  1. rajashri shah

    i m completely statisfed by the teaching of the sir

  2. Kalpana (verified owner)

    Course is helping me for now hope for good in future

  3. sai praneeth (verified owner)

    The vedic math is the ancient math with this techniques our saints do wonders in those days, unfortunately the technology is lost for our modern civilization.now it is available by only few people.i searched a lot for this course finally i got this vedicmathsindia.org site then i saw the price for the course first i thought it is too for just maths but i want to learn maths and i joined the course from first day onwards they scheduled trainer madurima after taking few classes i understood that the price is very low for this course ..we can do wonders after completing the course the GMAT,Banks are nothing with this course.they send me three books which are very useful.and one more important concept is maths meditation is the very important thing .by praticing all we can crack any govt job any competitve exams etc..friends join this and make your life better

  4. Shankara Narayanan S

    The course material is nicely presented. My Trainer Madhurima Das did great classes for me and supported me very well. Each day, I got practice worksheets to workout my speed math. Overall, the course is awesome.

  5. Shankara Narayanan S

    I recommend every banking aspirant to take speed math class with Saikat sen sir. His fluency over speed math is admirable. Saikat Sen is a nice guy with good passion on teaching speed math. He admired me more in just 2 classes. In 1 hour, he made me to practice more problems than I expected. I recommend the management to assign him for the people who are trying for bank exams.

  6. Muthumanickam G

    Iam interested

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