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Top 6 reasons to use Vedic Maths Chatbot

Get Better Grades

All this ensures that you get better grades and have an in depth understanding of how Vedic Maths works!

AI enabled learning

Our artificial intelligence algorithms ensure you learn at a pace comfortable to you, and adapts the difficulty level accordingly.

Personalized 1-on-1 Learning

Stuck with a Maths concept in the middle of the night? Have a teacher at your convenience - Any Time, Personalized and ready to help!

Learn at your own pace

It now doesn't matter if you learn slow or fast - let our course match up to your speed. Its absolutely fine. We will go according to your speed.

Practice Analytics

Take our Vedic Maths quizes and assessments and analyze the areas where you are good at and areas where your need help!

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Learn right where you want to be - On Facebook. Learn while chatting with your friends and invite them to it as well.

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Riju Pramanik

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Supratim Mukherjee

Platform Data Specialist

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Rohit Ghosh

Platform Data Specialist

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Gaurav Tekriwal​


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Anushree Tekriwal


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