Online Vedic Maths Course for Competitive Exams


This course is rigorous for 45 hours and guarantees a better understanding and application of the mathematical concept. Once you sign up, you will be one on one in the Virtual Classroom with the teacher who will guide you through concepts seamlessly. You will also be given worksheets to check speed and accuracy for every topic and discussions and solution of past papers pertaining to your exam will happen.

You will be provided with the complete study materials too including 8 set DVD + 1 Book (our best selling self-authored ‘MathsSutra’) and countless worksheets for your reference.

Towards the end of the course, we will discuss the strategy with which you should attempt the Quant Section. All throughout we will work on your strengths and try to convert your weak topics into strengths to achieve best results.


Vedic Maths Online Course for Competitive Examinations is a preparatory 45 hours course on Mathematics for competitive examinations like UPSC, MBA, MCA, GMAT, GRE, CSAT, Banking etc. The main objective and purpose of this online course is to acquaint the student with various Vedic Maths techniques to tackle word problems faster and more effectively so that the result is a better percentile!

If you have any queries please call +91-98305-32264 or you can send us a message here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Once you have registered and paid for the course, our teachers will contact you on the phone number/Email given by you and start classes immediately.

We will also connect with you on skype.

Our tutors are available round the clock.We train students in different time zones hence our tutors are available on all weekdays (Except Sundays when we take a day off).

Just send a message to your tutor on Skype and reschedule. We are very flexible and we would only be glad to accommodate your request.

We need you to have Skype, High Speed Internet Connection (512kbps to 1mbps) and a headset with microphone for the audio needs.We don’t use video for privacy concerns and bandwidth issues.