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Why Learn from the Vedic Maths Forum India?

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At the Vedic Maths Forum India we let you have the competitive edge by supporting the various curriculum you study in. You could either be an ICSE or a CBSE student or even someone who has taken up the new International Baccalaureate program – we have support ready for you.

Our teachers will teach you according to your curriculum, online and ensure that you not only understand the concept but also pass your examination with flying colors. SInce this is a one on one class, please feel free to ask any question pertaining to the subject to our teachers – he/she will ensure that you have understood the topic well and no more shame in asking questions anymore.

We at the Vedic Maths Forum India will help you with the conceptual understanding of the topic, give you periodic assessments, tests and even give you strategies to ace an exam. Overall if you are looking for Live Maths support – there is no better option than us. 

Syllabus for Grade III to Grade XII

Numbers & ComparingMoney
Place valuesTime
AdditionData & Graphs
DivisionUnit of measurement
Mixed operations2-D shapes
Properties of operationsTriangles & Quadrilaterals
Equations & Variables3-D shapes
Estimation & RoundingGeometric Measurement
Logical ReasoningProbability & Statistics
SubtractionUnit of measurement
MultiplicationFractions & operations
DivisionDecimals & operations
Mixed operationsProbability & Statistics
Variable Expressions2-D figures
FunctionsTriangles & Quadrilaterals
Co-ordinate PlaneSymmetry
Data & GraphsAngles
Logical Reasoning3-D figures
Patterns & SequencesGeometric measurement
Number TheoryMoney
AdditionNumber Sequences
SubtractionCo-ordinate Plane
MultiplicationVariable Expressions
DivisionData & Graphs
Mixed operationsProbability & Statistics
Decimals & operationsUnit of measurement
Fractions & operations2-D figures
Mixed numbersTriangles & Quadrilaterals
Problem SolvingSymmetry & Transformations
Ratios & Rates3-D Figures
PercentsGeometric Measurement
Whole numbersTime
Number TheoryCo-ordinate plane
Integers & operationsExpressions & properties
Mixed operationsOne variable equations
Rational NumbersOne variable inequalities
Exponent & Square RootsTwo variable equations
Decimals & Operations2-D figures
Fractions & Mixed numbersSymmetry & transformation
Problem-solving & estimation3-D figures
Ratios & ratesGeometric measurement
PercentsData & Graphs
Unit of measurementStatistics
Consumer Math 
Number TheoryExpressions & properties
Integers & operationsOne variable equations
Decimals & operationsOne variable inequalities
Fractions & Mixed numbersTwo variable equations
Rational numbersLinear functions
Exponents & square rootsTwo dimensional figures
Ratios,rates & proportionsTransformations & Congruence
Proportional RelationshipsPythagorean theorem
Percents3-D figures
Consumer mathGeometric measurement
Problem solving & EstimationData & Graphs
Units of measurementStatistics
Co-ordinate planeProbability
Number Sequences 
Number TheoryPythagorean theorem
Integers & operations3-Dimensional figures
Rational numbers & operationsGeometric measurement
Exponents & rootsNumber Sequences
Scientific notationExpressions & Properties
Ratios,rates & proportionsOne variable equations
Proportional relationshipsOne variable inequalities
PercentsLinear equations
Consumer MathFunctions
Units of measurementSystem of linear equations
Problem SolvingMonomials & Polynomials
Co-ordinate planeData & Graphs
2-Dimensional figuresStatistics
Transformations & CongruenceProbability
Transformations & Similarity 
NumbersLinear functions
OperationsLinear inequalities
Ratios,rates & ProportionsSystems of linear equations
MeasurementScientific notation
GeometryExponential functions
Co-ordinate planeMonomials & Polynomials
Variable expressionsFactoring
Equations & SolvingQuadratic equations
Single variable inequalitiesFunctions
Absolute value equationsAbsolute value functions
MatricesRadical expressions
Data and graphsRadical functions and equations
Problem solvingTrigonometry
Number sequencesLogic
Relations & functionsProbability
Direct & inverse variationStatistics
Algebra reviewQuadrilaterals
Points,lines & segmentsSymmetry
Parallel and perpendicular linesRight triangles
Lines in the co-ordinate planeTrigonometry
Introduction to trianglesArea and Perimeter
2-D figuresSurface area and Volume
3-D figuresCircles
LogicCircles in the co-ordinate plane
Introduction to congruent figuresMeasurement
Congruent trianglesProbability
Variable expressionsFamilies of functions
FunctionsExponential and Logarithmic functions
System of equationsParabolas
System of inequalitiesCircles
Complex numbersHyperbolas
FactoringAngle measures
Quadratic functionsTrigonometry
PolynomialsTrigonometric functions
Radical functions & expressionsTrigonometric identities
Rational exponentsSequence and Series
Rational functions & expressionsProbability
Function operationsStatistics
FunctionsTrigonometric functions
Families of functionsTrigonometric identities
Quadratic functionsConic sections
PolynomialsReal numbers
Rational functionsComplex numbers
Exponential and Logarithmic functionsComplex plane
Radical functionsPolar form
Roots and rational exponents2-Dimensional vectors
Systems of equations3-Dimensional vectors
Systems of inequalitiesSequence and Series
Nonlinear inequalitiesProbability
MatricesProbability distributions

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. All our classes are live and one on one with our teachers in real time. At no point will you be shown any pre-recorded videos. A live teacher will be taking your class every time. For privacy and bandwidth  issues we don’t recommend video sharing. The live classes are optimized with Skype audio and online interactive whiteboards.

At the Vedic Maths Forum classes , we encourage curiosity and questions. You can ask questions pertaining to the topic and it will be answered by our faculty. If in case the teacher is unable to answer, he will get back to you with an answer in the next class.

No Problem. On a best effort basis we will change your teacher to suit you – no questions asked. Just let us know if you are not comfortable with any of our faculty, we will be giving an immediate replacement to you without any extra fee.

You can choose your timings and convey that to your teacher. He will definitely try the very best to accommodate you. 

Our tutoring service is based on the internet. At times we do experience technical snags/network issues and have taken backup connections to ensure that the downtime does not affect us. But if there is a network issue we do ensure that backup classes are given to you. Also in case you need to take a leave any day for any reason, just leave a message with your teacher and a replacement class will be given – No worries at all.


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