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40-Hours Online Cerified Vedic Maths Course for Teachers

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Top 4 reasons to enroll for this course


Get an edge

With Vedic Maths skills, you can the most popular teacher of you school and gain admiration from students and parents.


Continuous education

You get to learn new methods and techniques in mathematics to get better in your performance as a teacher.


Start a Math Venture

With enough experience, you can start your own venture around maths education. You can apply for our Vedic Maths digital franchise here.


For a bright future

With Vedic Maths skills, you can avail great job opportunities whether its online or offline. Let your skills do the talking.

Vedic Maths Prospects

With the level of numeracy standards going down globally there is a huge demand for new alternative methods which makes maths fun and interesting. Vedic Maths is one such method.

As a teacher looking to help students in class, Vedic Maths adds a new dimension of teaching maths to school students.

Course duration

About VMF India - Online Courses in Vedic Maths

The duration of course is little over 40 days and you will taught the complete Vedic Mathematics along with practice and speed building sessions.

The course is flexible and moves with your pace. Questions and Discussions are strongly encouraged in the sprit of learning.

Course Materials

Along with 40 live One-on-one classes exclusive for you, you will also receive the popular 8 DVD set on Vedic Maths by Gaurav Tekriwal along with three reference books on topic.

You will also be given worksheets to build you speed and tests to gauge your proficiency.

You will also be taught marketing strategies and methods to make Vedic maths fun in your community.

Who can attend

The Teacher's course is open for School and College Level teachers and for anyone who is passionate towards the subject. We also invite students, entrepreneurs, managers, home-makers to take advantage of this course for their children and community.

What teachers say

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