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Vedic Maths

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Rather than confusing teachers with various levels and grades, the Vedic Maths Forum India offers only one certified teacher’s training course where we cover the complete Vedic Maths based on the works of Tirthaji

Vedic Maths

We cover over 60 topics from basic Addition all the way up to Calculus in 40 hours. This course is conducted live and is one on one, personalized to you. There are no videos played – our live teacher conducts the class in real-time for you alone.


The timings of the course is very flexible and according to your schedule. We provide this course round the clock to train teachers from various countries. Our teachers are available 24|7.

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Vedic Maths

Market Opportunities For Vedic Math Teachers In India

Vedic Maths can be considered as a new & emerging sector in India. Thanks to the internet it is getting widespread attention and focus. Only now has it been made a part of the curriculum in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. With the help of the Government of India, Vedic maths is all set to gain rapid popularity.

The size of the global e-learning market is estimated to be over USD 165 Billion in 2015 and is likely to grow by 5% between 2016 and 2023 exceeding USD 240 Billion.

E-Learning Market in India is expected to reach USD 1.29 Billion by 2018, growing a 17% CAGR.

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The Vedic Maths Forum (India) has been promoting Vedic Mathematics globally since 2000. It was founded by Gaurav Tekriwal and since then the forum has been conducting workshops, talks, and presentations to spread the idea of Vedic Mathematics based on the works of Tirthaji and to raise the standards of numeracy world-wide.

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