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Exams and Curriculum covered

Complex numberMultiple and Sub-multiple anglesEllipse
Quadratic equationGeneral solution of Trigonometric equationHyperbola
Sequence and SeriesTriangle theorems3-D Co-ordinate Geometry
LogarithmInverse Trigonometric functionsFunctions
Permutation and combinationCo-ordinate Geometry BasicsLimit,continuity and differentiability
Binomial theoremLocusDifferential calculus
Matrices and DeterminantsStraight LineIntegral calculus
ProbabilityCircleDifferential equations
Trigonometric ratios and identitiesParabolaVectors
Number systemsMixtures and alligationPermutation and Combination
HCF and LCMLinear equationsProbability
PercentagesQuadratic equationsSet Theory
Profit,loss and discountComplex numbersGeometry
Simple interestLogarithmMensuration
Compound interestSequence and SeriesCo-ordinate Geometry
Speed,time and distanceBinomial TheoremTrigonometry
Time and workSurds and IndicesClock
AveragesInequalitiesData Interpretation
Ratio and proportionFunctions and Graphs 
DecimalsGraphs of Functions3-Dimensional figures
Exponents and rootsOperations with algebraic expressionsTriangles
FractionsRules of exponentsCounting methods
IntegersSolving linear equationsData Interpretation
PercentSolving Linear inequalitiesDistribution of data
RatioSolving quadratic equationsRandom variables
Real numbersLines and anglesProbability distributions
Algebraic applicationsCirclesGraphical methods
Co-ordinate GeometryPolygonsNumerical methods
Number TheoryProbabilityCircles
Real numbersPermutation and CombinationPolygons
Properties of integersAlgebraic ExpressionsCo-ordinate Geometry
Divisibility rulesLinear equationsTime speed problems
FractionsQuadratic equationsWork problems
DecimalsInequalitiesMixture problems
AverageAbsolute valueInterest problems
Ratio and proportionFunctionsDiscount
PercentagesLines and AnglesProfit
Exponents and rootsTrianglesSet Theory
SetsPythagorean theorem and Triplets 
Number TheoryLinear equations and inequalitiesCo-ordinate Geometry
ArithmeticQuadratic equationsGeometric visualization
Prime numbersRational and radical equationSlope
PercentagesEquations of linesSimilarity
Ratio and proportionAbsolute valueTransformations
Logical reasoningDirect and inverse variationData interpretation
Set TheoryAlgebraic functionsStatistics
Properties of integersArea and permeter of polygonProbability
DivisibilityArea and circumference of circle 
Counting techniquesVolume of box,cube & cylinder 
Sequence and SeriesPythagorean theorem 
Algebraic expressionTriangles 
ExponentsProperties of lines 
SimplificationNumber Series
AverageSpeed,Time & Distance
PercentageTime & Work
Ratio and proportionNumber System
Data interpretationData Sufficiency
MensurationLinear equations
Quadratic equationsPermutation & Combination
Simple & Compound interestProbability
Age problemsMixtures & Alligations
Profit & Loss 

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