Webinars & Workshops

Since our inception, we have been invited to do workshops and talks on Vedic Mathematics globally at various platforms. These workshops addressed mostly to students have one objective that is to make math fun and enjoyable for them. So far, we have trained thousands of students and teachers through our Vedic Math Webinars & Workshops.

Vedic Maths is India’s gift to the world. It is a set of mathematical techniques that help even the most numerically challenged to conquer difficult sums. Vedic Math was founded by Tirthaji who was the monk of the highest order in India who authored the book ‘Vedic Mathematics’ which has all the secrets of mental math techniques.

School principals, Head of Maths departments, Tech-fest organizers, Student bodies, Entrepreneurs, Math enthusiasts and even homemakers have invited us to conduct Vedic Math Workshops.

Vedic Maths Workshop

What is it?

The Vedic Maths Webinars & Workshops conducted is brought to life with interactive discussions, documentary films, computer presentations, numerous examples and mental exercises with focus on transferring Vedic Math skills spontaneously.

At the end of the workshop each participant uncovers the true meaning and essence of mental arithmetic and takes home an endless fascination of numbers.

Vedic Maths Workshop

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