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Top 6 Reasons to Become a Certified Vedic Maths Teacher

Love maths

Eliminate the fear of maths from the hearts of the children once and for all. Make them fall in love with mathematics so that they could score better.

Start a Math Venture

With enough experience, you can start your own venture around maths education. You can consider doing it by yourself or you can apply for the Vedic Maths Forum franchise plan.

Get an edge

With Vedic Math skills, you can be the most popular teacher of your school and gain admiration from students, parents and as well as your peers for your performance.

Continuous Education

You learn new Vedic Maths methods and techniques to get better in your performance as a teacher.

For a bright future

With Vedic Maths skills, you can avail great job opportunities whether it’s online or offline. Let your skills do the talking

Make a difference

Remember, by taking up this course you contribute towards a better future for your community and the upcoming generation.

What is covered in this course?

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Maths Sutra By Gaurav Tekriwal
Maths Sutra - Vedic Speed Calculations by Gaurav Tekriwal
Maths Sutras from Around the world by Gaurav Tekriwal
Maths Sutras from around the world by Gaurav Tekriwal
Vedic Maths DVD Set
Vedic Maths Videos by Gaurav Tekriwal

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Scope of Vedic Maths

Globally we are facing a crisis in Math education. Math phobia is prevalent globally among students, teachers and even parents. There is an acute scarcity of math teachers around the world — so much so that no one wants to become a Math teacher anymore. The quality of lesson delivery in classrooms is poor and private tutoring options are expensive and unaffordable.

Vedic Maths Newspaper Coverage

Vedic Maths can be considered as a new and emerging sector in India. Thanks to the internet it is getting widespread attention and focus. Only now has it been made a part of the curriculum in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. With the help of the Government of India, Vedic maths is all set to become popular and a boon for students.

As a Vedic Maths teacher you can be a part of the solution to this problem. This problem also spells as a global opportunity if you look deeper.

Vedic Maths Newspaper Coverage

The concepts taught in Vedic Mathematics has widespread applications for Grade III onwards all the way up to competitive exam aspirants. Hence the future and scope of Vedic Maths is very wide and given time it will only shine bright.

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