The Certified

Vedic Maths Online Course for Students​

Top 6 Reasons to learn Vedic Maths


Improve Speed and Accuracy

Achieve success by becoming super fast in solving Math problems


Have Fun with Math

Excel your academics by overcoming your fear of maths


Beat your Competition

Stand out from the rest. Make Vedic Math your winning Edge!


Cultivates interest in Numbers & figures

Vedic Maths helps you build a rock solid foundation in Mathematics


Improves Memory & Confidence

Needless to say with all those positive energy you become a calculator yourself

Positive Thinking

Increases mental agility & intelligence

Open doors to infinite possibilities in your careers by having Vedic Maths skills

A 3-month Complete Certified Course

Students benefit the most from our Certified 3 months Vedic Maths Course. This course is designed keeping the needs of various school students in mind.

The student must be in Grade 3 up to Grade 12 in School. This course is customized for each student in terms of course content. For example, a Third Grader is taught those Vedic Math concepts which is relevant to him for example Addition, Multiplication, Fractions Decimals etc and a student in Grade 12 is taught those concepts which are relevant to him, for example, Algebra and even Trigonometry by the Vedic Math concepts.

Mode and Eligibility

The mode of this course is online through virtual classrooms on Zoom or Skype. You could be anywhere globally and connected to the internet to take full advantage of this one to one course.

This program is exclusively for School students in Grade 3 and above. For Adults who would like to learn the Vedic Maths System please refer the Teacher’s Training Course.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is about twelve weeks where a total of 24 one hourly lessons on Vedic Maths would be taught along with practice and speed building sessions.You can choose from One on One or One to Many Classroom session formats.

The course is very flexible and moves with the student’s pace.The Vedic system is customized to the suit the student in every grade.

What do you get?

What you need for this Online Course?

You can access the online classroom using different platforms Skype or Zoom without any hassles whatsoever.

We will be happy to give you 30 minutes of a test session to ensure everything works and then start the classes according to your convenience and schedule.

Course Contents

Course Pricing

Vedic Maths for Students
$ 347
  • or Rs. 26,999/-
  • Inclusive of GST

Why Vedic Maths Forum India?


Great Teachers

Our erudite teachers explain the most difficult of concepts in easier way because of their rich experience in Vedic Maths


Teacher Availability 24x7

Our Teachers are available to teach round the clock in any country

12 Weeks of live Training

24 Weeks of Live Training

Become a Human Calculator in 24 Weeks via Vedic Maths


EMI Available

Monthly Fee payment plans available with us



We currently offer the program in English, Hindi and Bengali


Guaranteed Results

We ensure you understand the concept and perform better in tests

Have questions on Vedic Maths?

We have a long list of frequently asked questions answered by Mr. Gaurav Tekriwal

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